It’s an expression – get it? Whatever it is in life that’s holding you back or keeping you still. Those colorful 4 letter expressions that seem to turn things around for just a minute, but never really solve the real problem.  As humorous as they may be, they don’t propel you forward – and this is why you’re here. 

Roadblocks. Walls. Uphill and downhill battles. No ideas, too MANY ideas. “How will I sort all of this out?” Is that your question? Well, I have a question for you. TWO actually:

Who do you think you are?
Who do you want to be? 

This will be the mission in our partnership as coach and client: To help straighten out the windings and forks in the road ahead of you and get the answers out in front of you to plainly see and discover what is really important to you and put together a plan to get there. To be who you aspire to be.

Nothing in life that’s worth it is ever easy (you knew that was coming), but think of it this way: the process is typically much more important than the goal. Why is this? Because we learn A LOT during the process. How is that? We notice more and more about ourselves during the process. A new person emerges. The person you’re aspiring to be. Applying this discovery and success in other parts of your life as a formula where there is uncertainty is what this is all about.  Focus. Commitment. Freedom. 

Let’s get to work.